Notable Characters
  • Marvin WiskersThe Mouse
  • Garvin Gobble The Monster
  • Sister and Brother

Word Count: 850
Title: The Monster & Mouse Who Kept 
Type: Picture Book 
Lesson/Purpose: Teaches Children not use bad words and to be polite to one another.
Once Garvin Gobble, a big hairy monster, realizes the children did not heed his previous warnings, he becomes so angry, even little Marvin doesn’t know what might happen next. 

Excerpt: If Garvin Gobble heard a bad word, he had no choice from the sound of their voice but to eat the word he heard. 

The more bad words, Garvin heard, the larger he would grow. 

Marvin would then have to put on a funny disguise to make monster laugh so he would become smaller in size. 

Luckily, nobody lived there house for many years so Marvin’s fears, soon disappeared. Then, something unexpected happened.

Quote: Bad Words You Say! Bad Words...I will come eat them right away!
Bad Words From Their House
Gobble Monster Theme Song
Herb is on...
Find me at...
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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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