Notable Characters
  • Alice “AKA” Alizarus :The Sand Mountain Goddess
  • Glimlin:  Sotarian Leader
  • Gaharris: Gom's Father & king of Gremlandis
  • Rombulaki: Evil Lord of the Warmites
  • Ugg: General of the Gremlandis Army

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Song Of Gremlandis
Warmites March
Evil Rombulaki
Word Count: 25K Words
Title: Dervil & The Garganites Of  
Type: Middle Grade 
Lesson/Purpose: Fantasy
After losing his father and having to move to a new house, Dervil was sure there wasn’t much that would surprise him despite his very young age, but that was about to change, when given a magical gift from his grandmother on his eighth birthday. 

Excerpt: Just then, a gust of wind blew through the backyard. It came and went in a flash. A moment later, something else happened. Dervil noticed his toy grew to double its size. 

What happened next was even more amazing. As he went to pick the toy up, it began to move then spoke to him. It shook the sand off its shoulder then said,  "Young Dervil, I am Gom of the Garganites". 

"You have been chosen by the Sand Mountain Goddess to come free our people from the tyranny of Lord Rombulaki". I beg of you," he beckoned. "Will you come with us, young Dervil?" Do not worry; it will be ok with your grandmother."
Quote: We must get to the Sandran Spire before nightfall. Once the night sky is upon us, we run the risk of being over-run by “Snarlwickers”. 
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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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