Notable Characters
  • Oliver "Aka" Octavious Ollie
  • Peter "Aka" Double Pedal Pete
  • Carlitto & Don Trio
  • Vos Carlana

Word Count: 21K
Title: Don Trio & The Muzicons
Type: Middle Grade Book 
Lesson/Purpose: Fantasy
In the small and poor town of Gristleberg; at a Bakery on Salisbury Street lived 3 brothers... Oliver, Lance and Peter. The Three brothers were Bakers by day and musicians by night...Seventeen years passed since the night Mr. and Mrs. Farnsworth found the Three baby boys wrapped in a blanket by the bakery’s back door with a noted attached. They would find out soon enough when their 8inch tall father returns to bring them home therefore seeking vengeance against his villianous wife.

Excerpt: As Mr. Farnsworth entered the room, the annoying noise which kept him up for most of the night, abruptly stopped. Whatever was in the room not only was clever but had a keen sense of when someone approached. Over the next few nights its aggrivating and murmering sound echoed throughout the house but now the boys and father were inclined to believe they knew exactly where it was coming from. From the inside of the piano case...but when they looked, there was nothing to be found. Whatever was inside eluded them again. It lurked around the house during the evening and when the coast was clear crawled back inside.

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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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