Notable Characters
  • Nemus
  • Huntzsfer
  • Gromdon
  • Natura
  • Mimi & Calvin Hodges

Word Count: 41K
Type: Middle Grade 
Lesson/Purpose: Young Girl-Boy Hero Fantasy Filled With Mystery

The kingdom of Fetheron has grown dark and cold. It's skies once blue have now faded to dark grey. An evil has trancended from below. The fate of Fetherons existence now lies with two 11 yr olds, Mimi and Calvin Hodges.

After a long and arduous journey, the two sons arrived where Natura lived, deep within a cave of wells and springs. She sensed the presence of the two sons entering the cave and began to call out to them for help. They then rushed to her aid only to find her lying on the ground mangled and weak. Parts of her once graceful body had been completely chewed off. 

As she gasped her last few dying breaths she told the two sons she had been attacked by a Triloc, an ancient dragons guard belonging to a grave enemy she once banished. She could only defend herself for so long and eventually it overcame her then extracted her most precious element. 
Quote: Now…1,577 years later, my sons…We shall again rejoin with the humans then once and for all, eradicate the evil that threaten our land. Be warned, the Triloc could be in disguise, transformed into something a human cannot resist. 
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Title: Fetheron & The Rise of Trilocs 
from Gromdon
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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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