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Mr.Diggens needs a publisher and for all his books plus artist for current sample covers
Every day for the past 2.5 years, Herb has been working very hard on laying the ground work for his books in hopes that he can forever create a legacy of fun for his readers.
Nothing is better than making someone smile, herb says. Let Herb inspire you with his unique craft of wording and notions to educate children and bring to life everyday things we often not think about. With an endless imagination, Herb plans on filling the world with his books for years to come.
Herb Diggens comes from a well educated background and has a unprecedented work ethic. He has a good heart, strong mind and loves his job so much that some say he is a  disciplined individual. He says he just loves to write even if it last all night. 
James does the writing and his wife does book cover sample. Together they make a great team and keeps their creations moving along in synergy. 
Building the Herb Diggens Brand
Smiles and Imagination
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Note to Literary agents, publishers and all other individuals. Simply contact us by email or phone to discuss any/all future contracts. Please be advised, all content, characters, music and illustrations have been copywrited on this website. "Herb Diggens" and "Herb Diggens presents" are  too Trademarked. 
Good Heart-Strong Mind
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Note: We are currently looking for an Artist to recreate the current book covers
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