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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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The Life Of Herb Diggens

Herb Diggens knew better than to eat his mothers prized rumple raspberries from the garden. When she called out to him, he became startled and fell on something in the garden that...More on this Picture Book.
Timmy's Talking Tooth

Timmy needed more than just a brush to remove Jack Plaque and Captain Cavity. How long could his poor talking tooth put up with the torment. Maybe if he talked more ...More on this Picture Book.
The Journey Of Freddy,My Teddy

Teddy lay on the table. He wanted to move, but wasn’t quite able. Some of his parts were incomplete. He had a head, but was still missing his arms and feet. Sadly he...More on this Concept Book.
The Tale Of Bookland

High above the ground lived a magical little town of books. A small space on top of a book case is where Book land could...More on this Picture Book.
Picture Book | Word Count 500
Picture Book | Word Count 550
Concept Book | Word Count 450
Picture Book | Word Count 450