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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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One Day, Some Day Thomas

When Thomas P. Quill, a talented writer, doesn’t fulfill the ultimatum to publish his books and showcase his late father’s paintings, he finds himself in a situation that may end up badly for him and everyone... More on this Picture Book.
The Night Poose Got Loose

Just after Poose had found a place he could call his home, he let his curiousity win. Now he was in trouble, far away from home. Would he return safely in...More on this Picture Book.                                                                                              
Wonderful World Of Gribbets

How much do we really know about our cute, cold and slimy friends, the "Gribbets" ? Venture with us as we take you behind the scenes and participate in.... More on this Concept Book.
Ethan's Song

When Ethan laid eyes on Rebecca Jones on the eve of their ten year reunion, their lives would be re-shaped by more than just a casual hello. More
Picture Book | Word Count 1,500
Picture Book | Word Count 700
Concept Book | Word Count 850
Young Adult Book | Word Count 68K