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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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Dervil & The Garganites Of Gremlandis

After losing his father and having to move to a new house, Dervil was sure there wasn’t much that would surprise him despite his very young age, but that was about to change, when given a magical gift from his grandmother on his... More

Captain Vanguard Of Exardia

From another dimension in time on a distant planet called Exardia, an inner struggle for power unfolds between Beletora and brother CVOX. Captain Vanguard...More
Fetheron & The Rise Of The Trilocs

Can Mimi and Calvin Hodges from Earth save an entire kingdom by themselves. Fetheron has now faded into darkness. An ancient evil returns again. A Gryphon and Wyrmling now join with... More
Frankie Walker & The Fragons

Frankie walker was an ordinary boy that did ordinary things. This summer he had to move away. His new home sat next to a mysterious lake. After skipping a stone into the water ... More