Excerpt: When herb was younger, his favorite place to play was in the garden. There, grew his favorite fruit: Rumple Raspberries. They were special to herb’s mother. She instructed him not to eat this fruit for it was only to be used in pie. 

Then one day the temptation became too strong for young Herb and he began eating the fruit his mother instructed him not to eat. As he was about to finish his last bite of Rumple Raspberries, he was startled by the sound of his father’s voice calling out to him for dinner and accidentally fell onto one of the flowers within the garden. 

He felt bad that he might have hurt the poor flower. He bent down to pick it up and then heard a strange whisper. It was not his mom, or dad. There wasn’t anyone nearby, so where could it be coming from, he wondered. Once again there was the same whisper. "Down here, down here," the voice said.

The Wonderful World Of Herb Diggens
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Created by: James A. McDonnell

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